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Intelligent live captioning

Wordpicker combines Microsoft AI and our services to a great solution that generates real time subtitles from speech, allowing people with hearing impairment to participate fully in audio, video or live meetings.

An easy way to reach people

Wordpicker makes the content of audio, video or live meetings easily accessible by generating high-quality subtitles. Beautifully simple and created in real-time. Installation is easy & handling is self-explanatory. As a web application Wordpicker is platform and system independent. All you need is an up-to-date browser.

Our premium service: Human corrector

A native language speaker will administer corrections during machine translation and transmission. This personalized approach offers a unique service to provide clarity and understanding, specifically in the context of technology and cultural characteristics. This special service is included in each broadcast. Onsite events can be requested.

Wordpicker listens, understands and learns.

A Content Moderator checks all recorded content parallel to the session via the content moderator before the live presentation and adjusts it if necessary. A delay of approx. 30 seconds makes this possible without any loss of quality for the participant’s real-time experience. Wordpicker learns from the human moderator and constantly improves the accuracy of the output content with the goal of reaching 100%.

Minimal follow-up effort. Wordpicker produces a high-quality Video Text Track File (VTT). Due to the built-in content moderator every sentence can be corrected while being live.


Wonderfully simple.

No Misunderstandings.

The user interface offers two windows: the live webinar, and the history to show the context of the live captioning.

Keep an eye on everything.

Wordpicker offers speakers the opportunity to start and stop speech recognition, and to specify the language. The speaker sees what the tool is recording, and the adjustments made by the content moderator.

Powered exclusively by Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure App Services

Microsoft Cognitive Services – Speech to text

Microsoft Azure Media Services – Video Indexer

Microsoft Azure SignalR Service

Identity Server


No installation required

Immediately ready to start

No additional software required

Works on any device

Runs on every modern browser

Available on any device (fully responsive)

Machine learning driven

Corrected transcript as Video Text Track File (VTT) available on demand

Captioning service available in and outside Microsoft TEAMS

Captioning service available for onsite events


We support live webinars all over the world using TEAMS_CLASS (webinar solution based on Microsoft TEAMS Live Events – the leading communication platform) together with Wordpicker (live captioning solution).

Presenters as well as attendees can contact the support any time by sending an email to Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to share feedback.

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”
Bill Gates, Microsoft.

Please find attached detailed guides including all relevant How To’s with screenshots.


Attendee Guide


Speaker Guide 


First Login

Constantly getting better

Currently possible:

  • Compatible with TEAMS and Certain, already in use on TEAMS_CLASS (Webinar Solution based on TEAMS Live Events)
  • 13 languages in use (English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Arabic (Egypt), Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
  • Content-Moderator (human corrections)
  • Automated creation of on-demand transcripts
  • Replacing the Video Text Track Files (VTT) for the on-demands with the live generated and reviewed captioning
  • Corrected Video Text Track Files (VTT) delivered in multiple languages

Future enhancements:

  • Free version
  • Onsite meeting support
  • AI Language model training
  • Reporting available
  • Editing the Video Text Track Files (VTT) in connection with the video
  • Expansion up to 27 languages
  • Video Text Track File (VTT) on demand human corrector
  • Dictionary support

There is the right package for every need. Get to know Wordpicker.

Do you have questions? Contact us.

Monika Chabowski
Service Manager Online Meeting Support


* = Supported languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Arabic (Egypt), Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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