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Our Global Event and Support Solutions guarantee successful and smooth events for our customers- either local or international, digital or classical. Not only our event service modules perfectly fit together, we can easily consult other internal services and operate as a team. Our experienced and multilingual squad is happy to work with you to put together services that collaborate best to make your project successful- with honest and clear feedback. You can rely on our knowledge and our powerful network for all tasks related to your events. Just reach out to our experts!


Online Meeting Support

We successfully support and execute customer online meetings in different languages and time zones.
We can use our online meeting system or easily familiarize us with our customers’ systems. If required, we are happy to provide you with ideas for system improvements, manage the integration and support the change management processes. We are prepared for all eventualities, operate in different languages | across time zones, are immediately active in case of difficulties and provide quick solutions.


Concentrate on your event delivery, we take care of the payment: we offer complete processing, accreditation and booking for all cost-based large- or small-scale events or fairs; certainly, this includes detailed budgeting services. Your participants will receive personal support, while we handle all payment processes including invoice dispatch.

All eCommerce functions can be easily integrated into our customers tools. To keep processing and cost expenditure as low as possible our customers can also use our in-house eCommerce portal SmartPayment.

Customized Support

When you ran out of specialists, we are there for you! Our team will support you in all project- or program management aspects and cover planning, lead management and controlling of your event projects; or these of your customers.

No matter where you and your customers are – our international customer service will help you with all your questions and concerns. From participant management to registration processes- we are available for you and your customers via e-mail and/or hotline 24 hours a day and take care of any onsite event support.

• Project and program management
• Hotline/support box
• Onsite Support


We are happy to provide you with the event management platform you need for your event. In case you are already using a platform for your events: no problem at all! In lean processes we will familiarize us with it and support you even better. We take over the complete administration including reporting and user acceptance testing support. To being able to offer you our full service package, we will be delighted to discuss the add-on options and their integration with you.

Event Management

Our global event specialists turn your ideas into great moments. Whether a roadshow throughout Germany, an incentive event in Amsterdam or a classic conference in Singapore – we accompany your event strategically and operationally anywhere in the world; from initialization to final success control. With more than 20 years of experience and a large partner network, we are well prepared for any challenges.

Your perfect combination:

We will support you with individual services from our portfolio or we will create a service package according to your ideas and needs. Should your requirements exceed our Event Service portfolio, we will master the challenge with our other expert teams which are Training, Development and Consulting or together with our reliable partner network.


From a local congress to a worldwide series of events. We are at your service everywhere for you and your event. Therefore you will find our satisfied customers all over the world.



Dubai (UAE)



Bien lazourné !




Welcome and bienvenue!


ආයුබෝවන් (āyubōvan) / හෙලෝ (helō)

New Zealand

Nau mai, haere mai


Selamat datang




안녕하세요!   (Anyoung haseyo!)


Selamat siang!


ยินดีต้อนรับ (Yindī t̂xnrạb) 


Hoan nghênh

Sri Lanka

ආයුබෝවන්  (āyubōvan)




Привет (Priwét)


Ählam wa sählam (أهلا و سهلا )


Huānyíng (欢迎)


Kangei (歓迎)




السلام! säläm!


















Dia Duit
















Online Meeting Tool

Get to know our world of virtual seminars. Our online training tool is based on the leading communication platform Microsoft TEAMS Live Events where large target groups are reached worldwide. The integrated accessibility features (Live Captions/Subtitles) make online trainings available to everyone. Our wide range of services and the personal contact to our support team make the meeting experience unique.


Wordpicker combines Microsoft AI and our services to a great solution that generates real time subtitles from speech, allowing people with hearing impairment to participate fully in audio, video or live meetings.


Wordpicker combines Microsoft AI and our services to a great solution that generates real time subtitles from speech, allowing people with hearing impairment to participate fully in audio, video or live meetings.

Event Management from A-Z

Thanks to our excellent network, authorized Microsoft partners are able to book an exclusive service portfolio to deliver IT trainings in one of Microsoft Germany’s headquarters. Our event package covers all administrative and organizational tasks to let you concentrate on the main training delivery. Benefit from all the great services that we offer: Catering, unique dinner/get together, invoicing processes or special incentives; together we create perfect conditions for your training and are more than happy to support your event onsite.


“Our great team represents customer identification and successful project execution.”

“We are renowned for our reliable event management and flexible service packages.”

“We offer you a powerful and intelligent eCommerce solution for your events.”

“We’ll be happy to take care of your event onsite and around the world.”

Antje Henneke, Division Manager, Executive Vice President

Anna Rensing, Project Manager, Service Manager Event Management

Christin Beckschulte, Project Manager, Service Manager eCommerce

Esther Jegna, Project Manager

“Our continuous process improvements lead to cost-optimized services.”

“Our high-quality customer support always keeps an eye on your goals.”

“Our online conferencing products and multilingual support are an ideal combination.”

“We’ll be happy to work our way into any tool and any platform for you.”

Florian Schmedt, Project manager, Business Manager

Kira Kaiser, Business Manager

Monika Chabowski, Project Manager, Service Manager Online Meeting Support

Melissa Cummings, Junior Project Manager, Service Manager Toolmanagement

“We are available to you and your customers in any time zone.”

“We will be happy to assist you with comprehensive data analysis and show you all the possibilites.”

“Even short-term service requests are no problem for us.”

“Local or global, we offer the ideal solution for your event.”

Martyna Mendonca Dutra, Junior Project Manager

Pascal Nikolay, Project Manager

Sabrina Mucha, Junior Project Manager, Invoicing and Platform Management

Veronika Wagner, Project Manager


Kurt Juvyns, Principial Program Manager at Microsoft Belgium

„With LM IT Services support, we were able to setup our event quickly and cost-effective. We were able to create a personalized event registration site, which also included handling payments! On top, we could always track registration progress in an easy to use reporting tool.“

Astrid M. Klopsch, Chief Conductor at Little Engine, Inc.

„You were incredible to work with. You were able to turn this around in record time for us and we really appreciate it.”

Sabine Windgasse, COMPAREX AG

“Despite very short term requests, perfectly organized. The equipment of the rooms in the Microsoft office in Schwabing is great, we were very happy about the whiteboard. The catering was always punctual and very tasty. We’d love to come back.”

Ilse Wathion, Belux Surface team and partners, Microsoft

“On behalf of the Surface team in Belux and all our participating Ultimate Sellers, I would like to THANK EACH of YOU for the great Ultimate Seller event. Seamless organization from a practical point of view. Looking forward to the next edition.”

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Antje Henneke
Division Manager Events

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